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Voice Over

Voice Over

YES – Greg is the voice of TRUMP in the ‘NETHERLANDS SECOND’ video, with 70 million views, worldwide. As featured on CNN, NOS, NYT, etc.

As Native-English speaker, Greg has provided the voice for hundreds of Dutch commercials, films and live events.
Sales (Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Mercedes)
Character voices (Tele-2: Frank the Sheep, Vodafone: Doc Brown ‘Back to the Future’)
Narration (Philips News Network)
Explain-imation (FairWear Foundation, WakaWaka Power)
Live (TEDxAmsterdam)

Listen to Greg’s Voiceovers

“Greg is a very energetic and inspiring colleague. And the best Trump-impersonator in the Netherlands.”

– Rens de Jong, BNR



‘He’s a delight to work with: professional, personable, and willing to pitch in to get the job done.’

– Becky Nelson, Rhythm New Media


‘We were all enthusiastic about Greg’s professionality and the fact that he mastered so much text so quickly. Onstage and off, he helped enormously to make our event a success.’

– Mark Bakker, Int’l Students