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The true story of my adventures as a Dutch political candidate. And my painfully half-assed attempts to save the planet. First I take on our collective ideas of idealism, then I challenge us all to make a difference right now… maybe even during the show.
Warning: show includes manufactured outrage, disruptive corporate behavior, and a tacked-on, feel-good ending.

‘Greg is full of confidence and charisma. His English – peppered with Dutch – is easy to follow. He involves the audience with targeted questions to his story… Ingredients are in perfect working order.’

– Arnhem Direct

John Robertson
The world’s only live comedy video game, based on the YouTube hit with 4 million views

The Dark Room is a one-of-a-kind surreal game show mixed with stand-up comedy – a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure That Doesn’t Give You A Damn Choice!

Trapped in a dark room, the audience must play a fiendish game of wits hosted by a floating head that wants you dead, with prizes you won’t want and punishments you probably won’t avoid.
It’s a text-based adventure, it’s a Kafkaesque nightmare, and if anybody wins they get £500.

“If Franz Kafka were to write a comedy show, this would be it. A comedy masterpiece.”
– Chortle UK
“One of Australia’s Top Ten Young Comics”
– Zoo Magazine
“Ridiculously entertaining”
– Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh

3 times per year, Greg Shapiro invites his favorite US & UK comedians to tour the Netherlands with him. The results are broadcast on BNN-VARA HumorTV. Shapiro also tours his solo show ‘Part-Time Hypocrite’ and is the author of ‘How to Be Orange.’

Previous guests include Brendon Burns, Pete Johansson, Steve Hughes.


17 Jan Amsterdam Stand-up Set. HotelNacht. American Hotel
18 Jan Eindhoven Stand-up Set. Boiler Room Comedy
21 Jan Delft Rietveld Theater
22 Jan Amstelveen Griffioen
23 Jan Amsterdam Boom Chicago
24 Jan Rotterdam Walhalla
27 Jan Den Haag Theater PePijn
29 Jan Utrecht Schiller Theater
30 Jan Den Haag Theater PePijn

In his show ‘How to Be Orange,’ Greg Shapiro shared the hilariously awkward truth of becoming a Dutch citizen. Now he finds himself integrating further, into something truly strange: Friesland.

In ‘How to be Frisian’ Greg Shapiro discovers that – among the Dutch – the Frisians are loud, proud and fiercely independent… almost like those damn Americans. Watch and learn as Greg crashes and burns trying the Frisian classics:
– Fierjleppen – pole vaulting across canals
– Aaisykje – hunting for eggs with some strange birds
– Reedriden – pretending to be fascinated by skating in circles for hours.

But maybe Friesland is more. The Dairy Campus, the Water Campus, the Circular Economy.
And they have a proud history no one knows about: C&A is from there. Gaastra is from there. And Friesland is where they’ve pioneered heating their homes with fermented turds.

Shapiro ends the show by making the audience take a Frisian Assimilation Exam. It doesn’t exist yet, but it should.

Tailored Comedy

While many comedians do corporate standup, Greg actually enjoys it. He has 15 years of experience in B2B, B2C & internal events. And he looks good in a suit.

Tailored ‘How to Be Orange’ – Shapiro offers Culture Shock Therapy as a loud American doing business in a tiny Dutch country.
Tailored Comedy Roast – for your company, your boss, or a special colleague. 3 parts sour; 1 part sweet.
Tailored Game Show – interactive Quiz Show with audience contestants.

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‘We asked Greg to speak at our international managers meeting. He poked fun at all the Dutch stereotypes – and at himself as an American – but in the end his message was positive.’

– John Carter, Philips


‘Thanks so much Greg for speaking at the Diversity conference. You are truly a great ambassador for our country.’
– Julie R. Moyes, US Embassy




‘Powerful, intelligent and always funny product. Greg can see the flaws in your plans and turn them around to your benefit. Companies remember Greg. Audiences remember Greg. Greg makes an impact.’

– Rob Andristplourde, Boom Chicago

Event Hosting

Greg has hosted private and public events since 1999. Using his background in improvisation, Shapiro has been known to bring out the human side of CEO’s, professors, and government ministers.
Event Host – Plenary Sessions, Auctions, Award and Diploma Ceremonies
Interview / Debate – Based on Shapiro’s TV show ‘United States of Europe’
Late Night Talk Show – from the ‘Graham Norton’ format to the ‘DWDD’ roundtable

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‘Greg made the difference between a pretty-good event and an excellent event. His total understanding of the content, his humour, and his optimistic persona gave the event depth and made it sparkle.’

– Sylvester Lindemulder, Event Garage


‘Greg’s show was sharp, tactful and very, very funny. We did not make things easy for him! He dealt brilliantly with the many details and made the show very much tailored to EPO sizes.’

– Bert Lockhart, European Patent Office


‘The opening and closing ceremonies of the Delta Lloyd Cadet World Championships were more than successfully hosted by Greg Shapiro. He really made the difference and proved to be the icing on the cake!’

– Jan Martin Wilschut, Amsterdam Hotsprings

Voice Over

Greg has provided the voice for hundreds of Dutch commercials, films and live events.
Sales (Coca-Cola, McDonalds)
Character voices (Tele-2)
Narration (Philips News Network)
Explain-imation (FairWear Foundation, WakaWaka Power)
Live (TEDxAmsterdam)

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Listen to Greg’s Voiceovers

“Greg is a very energetic and inspiring colleague. And the best Obama-impersonator in the Netherlands.”

– Rens de Jong, BNR



‘He’s a delight to work with: professional, personable, and willing to pitch in to get the job done.’

– Becky Nelson, Rhythm New Media


‘We were all enthusiastic about Greg’s professionality and the fact that he mastered so much text so quickly. Onstage and off, he helped enormously to make our event a success.’

– Mark Bakker, Int’l Students

Comedy Training

Greg offers workshops in improvisation, standup and storytelling. He uses his 15 years of experience as a speaker to provide practical, hands-on training. Having studied Theater & Communication at Northwestern University in Chicago, Shapiro re-acquaints you with the good habits you forgot you knew.
Groups of 200 (
Groups of 20 (KLM)
1-on-1 (TEDxAmsterdam)
Trainings are for 2-hour or 4-hour blocks.

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‘Shapiro gave us a workshop in Standup Comedy. He started with Storytelling and then coached us on presentation. I’m happy to say our team won the tournament.’

– Joep Driessens, Vodafone

‘For he led 120 participants in a workshop on Strategic Use of Emotions. His 2 hours were well-structured, and his comedy style makes learning easier because it’s so fun.’

– Maureen Kamphuis, Maureen and Me

‘Gregory coached me on Ethos, Logos and Pathos, which really helped my presentations. He is an enthusiastic person, which gives you energy. You feel you can do no wrong.’

– Nafize Sener, The NetworKing

School Tour

For universities with international students, or for high schools with a CKV requirement and a shrinking budget, Greg Shapiro is portable. From his years of performing with Boom Chicago comedy theater, Shapiro has no problem tailoring his shows to any age – or any location.

Orientation, graduation, convocation
Universities, Colleges, TTO programs
Recruitment Events

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‘His jokes aren’t rude. Funny for the teenagers, and parents had a good laugh as well.’

– Belle de Knegt, Johan de Witt College Dordrecht

‘How can he be so sharp and critical, but still so charming? I’m still smiling about it.’

– Edyta Czarniecka, NUFFIC Int’l Students Den Haag



‘Greg makes the little things stand out and lets you see them like you’ve never seen them before. And that’s what makes you laugh.’

– Dennis Drop, Sancta Maria Lyceum Haarlem


Greg studied Theater at Northwestern University in Chicago and has appeared in films such as ‘Down’ with Naomi Watts. He’s been on Dutch TV (‘De Deal,’ ‘Bluf,’ ‘GTST’). And he’s had his own show on Comedy Central Netherlands (‘Comedy Central News’).

Character work (‘Radeloos,’ ‘MTV Behind the Speedo’)
Commercial (Chevrolet, Holland Casino)
Presenting (ING, Philips)

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Watch Greg’s Acting Demo Reel

‘Greg is hilarious! He’s an exceptionally enthusiastic media professional. He’s hard working, intelligent, flexible, modest and truly funny.’

– Geert-Martin vd Jagt, Comedy Central

‘Greg did a series of very funny and sharp video news columns about the US Elections. Excellent work, very original.’

– Annette Posthumus, de Volkskrant


‘Greg seamlessly merges smart with funny. He has the remarkable ability to reduce all your information to a quick and hilarious nugget of truth with an offbeat point-of-view.’

– Becky Nelson, Rhythm New Media


In 2004 – before there was a YouTube - 'Florida Voting Machine' reached 1 million views. By now Greg has his own channel. Subscribe!

Greg Shapiro Standup

Greg Shapiro Commentary

Greg Presents Int’l Comedians

Greg’s Voiceover & Commercials

Greg’s ‘How to Be Orange’

Greg Shapiro Interviewed

XPat Journal HOUSING issue

To learn about Dutch society, sometimes all you need to do is to rent Dutch property. My first housing in the Netherlands was a brand new building, fully furnished, and a total accident. The place had been bought by a Dutch couple, who were about to get married. But something had gone wrong. Apparently the wedding was called off, and then they’d needed renters, quick. That’s where we came in. It was like a model home: not only fully furnished, but totally unused. And – when we went to open the kitchen cabinets – the dinner plates were still in festive wrapping paper saying ‘Congratulations to the happy couple!’

At one point, we had to deliver our rent to the former bride-to-be. She was a tall, blond doctor. Apparently he was a doctor, too. Cautiously, we asked what had happened. She told us he’d had a ‘fear of commitment’ and backed out of the whole relationship. And then we got a long and spirited rant, introducing us to her theory that – as women have become liberated – Dutch men have become ‘cotton ball’ watjes. A valuable lesson, (and even more valuable property).

Ah, Dutch relationships. Sometimes they giveth. Sometimes they taketh away. A few years later, I was living with my roommate, subletting from a woman who’d moved in with her boyfriend. It was a nice place, fully furnished, and it was all going well… until one night there was the woman, crying in our living room. ‘We broke up,’ she explained. ‘He threw me out!’ We tried to console her ‘Aww… there, there.’ And around midnight, still sniffling, she looked up and said ‘Well, I guess I’ll take my old bed back. Where are you going to sleep tonight?’

The next place I lived taught me a lot about Dutch communal space. I was renting with 4 other Americans. Right behind the Victorieplein in Amsterdam’s Rivierenbuurt district. We’d heard Rivierenbuurt was a pretty quiet neighborhood, and this spot was perhaps the quietest. The five of us had the whole house to ourselves. The south-facing balconies looked out to the lush, green courtyard. And as soon as we got in there, we flung open the doors and someone cranked up The Beastie Boys. It was perhaps 15 seconds before the angry banging began. It was not the last time the neighbors would protest at us Loud Americans.

I was subletting from a couple of students once. It taught me a lot about the Dutch educational system. We could stay there on one condition: we had to pretend we were guests. The pair of students gave us some story about receiving funding to study and to rent the apartment. The truth was – instead of studying – they were actually renting out their apartment, taking the study money and working in Ibiza. They were what I would call rich-kid kakkers. And they were very clear: ‘Whatever happens, do NOT tell anyone we’re in Ibiza. If anyone comes to the door, tell them you’re houseguests. And – whatever you do – do not let anyone from the city know you’re here.’ So when the city required me to give a fixed address to the Stadsregister, I gave their address. And they subsequently got in a lot of trouble. But don’t worry: I’m sure they’re now very successful in Dutch banking. Or perhaps the Building Sector.

And then there were the Stowaways: a circus couple named Vincent & Marli. Their apartment was a nice, big place …but there was a catch. The circus wasn’t doing so well, so they’d moved into the tiny storage space upstairs, to live rent-free. The deal was: we had the place to ourselves – unless they needed to use the toilet. Or unless they needed to use the kitchen. Or unless they needed to rehearse their act in the living room. He was a huge dude with a Hans Klok hairdo, and she was a tiny Eastern European girl with a lot of makeup. I’d wake up, hung over, on Saturday mornings, and he’d be throwing her all over the place. It was amazing. Until the time he flung her so wildly she kicked the coffee cup out of my hands.

Yes, I learned a lot in the Dutch Assimilation Course. But the real education has come from renting a bunch of Dutch property.

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How to Be Orange


If you’re looking for an official guide to Dutch culture, this is not it. If you’re looking for one man’s completely biased and utterly subjective impression of Dutch culture, you’ve come to the right place. Greg Shapiro is a loud American trying to fit into a tiny Dutch country. Join him as he shares his hilariously clumsy 20-year assimilation into Dutch culture and blasts some well-known stereotypes along the way. The book includes the questions from the real Dutch Assimilation Exam, whose logic Shapiro delightfully dissects to reveal the Dutch identity they’d rather you didn’t know.

‘Humorous columns, funny illustrations, hilarious photos and observations. Very nice book.’

– Netherlands Library Council

‘Difficult topics are tackled with facts, sharp insights and often hilarious, personal anecdotes.’


‘Many better-known books about the Dutch are just a collection of superficial observations… But Greg has come up with something that the Dutch can really laugh about … and he goes Dutch like a boss.’


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mediarev_main‘Shapiro storms through the polder culture at 130km per hour. He lands his blows with precision, but all the while you can tell he’s proud to be Dutch.’

Het Parool

‘What’s impressive is that he’s lived in Europe long enough to be well-informed of local politics.’

De Volkskrant

‘Greg is full of confidence, charisma and English – peppered with Dutch. Ingredients are in perfect working order.’

Arnhem Direct

From Northwestern University, Gregory Shapiro came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater Boom Chicago. In 2007 Shapiro went solo presenting ‘Comedy Central News.’ He now works regularly with VARA HumorTV. Shapiro also has 20 years experience in Corporate Speaking / Entertainment.

In 2014-15, Shapiro tours with his 4th solo show ‘Part-Time Hypocrite.’ In addition, Shapiro brings over his favorite US / UK comedians to tour with him for ‘Greg Shapiro Presents.’ Shapiro’s book ‘How to Be Orange: an Alternative Assimilation Course’ is available internationally. Currently, Shapiro also writes and presents the weekly series ‘United States of Europe’ for Broadcast Amsterdam and

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