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Comedian. American. Dutchman.

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Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, ‘Netherlands Second’ video) performs the multi-media, stage version of his YouTube show ‘United States of Europe.’ Each evening’s show consists of standup comedy on the latest news, video interviews with the people on the street, live-polling with the audience on the big issues, guest commentary, and a chance for the audience to ask questions to ‘The Real Donald Trump.’

‘United States of Europe.’

Why is there no ‘Daily Show’ for the EU? Every day there’s ridiculous news coming out of European capitals, but no one is there to ridicule it on an continental basis. ‘United States of Europe’ gives EU leaders the attention they deserve – by ridiculing them on a regular basis.

‘United States of Europe’ – making fun of the EU, the American way.

Greg Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. You may know Greg from the Boom Chicago show ‘Angry White Men: Trump Up the Volume.’  And as the Trump impersonator from the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 75 million views worldwide.

Tailored Comedy

Greg has 20 years of experience performing, speaking and giving workshops for corporate events: Philips; US Embassy; NL Ministerie Buitenlandse Zaken; etc. Shapiro uses material from his book ‘How to Be Orange’ and his online show ‘United States of Europe.’ And he takes questions as President Trump.

Watch Greg’s Tailored Comedy  – see also Event Hosting


‘Thanks so much Greg for speaking at the Diversity conference. You are truly a great ambassador for our country.’
– Julie R. Moyes, US Embassy



‘We asked Greg to speak at our international managers meeting. He poked fun at all the Dutch stereotypes – and at himself as an American – but in the end his message was positive.’
– John Carter, Philips

‘Powerful, intelligent and always funny product. Greg can see the flaws in your plans and turn them around to your benefit. Companies remember Greg.
Audiences remember Greg. Greg makes an impact.’
– Rob Andristplourde, Boom Chicago

Event Hosting

Using his background in improvisation, Shapiro has been known to bring out the human side of CEO’s, government ministers and even Dutch royalty. Formats include:
Event Host – Plenary Sessions
Interview / Debate – Based on Shapiro’s ‘United States of Europe’
Late Night Talk Show – ‘Graham Norton’ or ‘DWDD’ style.

Watch Greg as Event Host

‘Greg’s show was sharp, tactful and very, very funny. We did not make things easy for him! He dealt brilliantly with the many details and made the show very much tailored to EPO sizes.’

– Bert Lockhart, European Patent Office


‘Greg made the difference between a pretty-good event and an excellent event. His total understanding of the content, his humour, and his optimistic persona gave the event depth and made it sparkle.’

– Sylvester Lindemulder, Event Garage


‘The opening and closing ceremonies of the Delta Lloyd Cadet World Championships were more than successfully hosted by Greg Shapiro. He really made the difference and proved to be the icing on the cake!’

– Jan Martin Wilschut, Amsterdam Hotsprings

ACTING     –     Watch Greg Shapiro’s Acting
VOICEOVER – Listen to Greg’s Voiceovers

Greg is the voice of Trump in the ‘NETHERLANDS SECOND’ video. (50 million+ Trueviews)
He has also done hundreds of voiceovers in:
Sales (Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Mercedes)
Character (Tele-2: Frank the Sheep)
Narration (NL nature film ‘The Wild,’ Audiobooks)
Explain-imation (FairWear Foundation, WakaWaka)
Live (TEDxAmsterdam, The Next Web)

Greg studied Theater at Northwestern University in Chicago. He has appeared in films such as Thomas Acda’s ‘Oh Baby’ and Dick Maas’s ‘Down’ (with Naomi Watts). He has appeared on Dutch TV (‘De Deal,’ ‘Bluf,’ ‘GTST’). And he’s had his own show on Comedy Central Netherlands (‘Comedy Central News’).

Character work (‘Radeloos,’ ‘MTV Behind the Speedo’)
Commercial (Chevrolet, Holland Casino)
Presenting (ING, Philips, ANWB)


“Greg is a very energetic and inspiring colleague. And the best Trump-impersonator in the Netherlands.”

– Rens de Jong, BNR


‘He’s a delight to work with: professional, personable, and willing to pitch in to get the job done.’

– Becky Nelson, Rhythm New Media


‘We were all enthusiastic about Greg’s professionality and the fact that he mastered so much text so quickly. Onstage and off, he helped enormously to make our event a success.’

– Mark Bakker, Int’l Students

Comedy Training

Greg offers workshops in improvisation, standup and storytelling. He uses his 15 years of experience as a speaker to provide practical, hands-on training. Having studied Theater & Communication at Northwestern University in Chicago, Shapiro re-acquaints you with the good habits you forgot you knew.
Groups of 200 (
Groups of 20 (KLM)
1-on-1 (TEDxAmsterdam)
Trainings are for 2-hour or 4-hour blocks.


‘Shapiro gave us a workshop in Standup Comedy. He started with Storytelling and then coached us on presentation. I’m happy to say our team won the tournament.’

– Joep Driessens, Vodafone

‘For he led 120 participants in a workshop on Strategic Use of Emotions. His 2 hours were well-structured, and his comedy style makes learning easier because it’s so fun.’

– Maureen Kamphuis, Maureen and Me

‘Gregory coached me on Ethos, Logos and Pathos, which really helped my presentations. He is an enthusiastic person, which gives you energy. You feel you can do no wrong.’

– Nafize Sener, The NetworKing

School Tour

For universities with international students, or for high schools with a CKV requirement and a shrinking budget, Greg Shapiro is portable. From his years of performing with Boom Chicago comedy theater, Shapiro has no problem tailoring his shows to any age – or any location.

Orientation, graduation, convocation
Universities, Colleges, TTO programs
Recruitment Events


‘His jokes aren’t rude. Funny for the teenagers, and parents had a good laugh as well.’

– Belle de Knegt, Johan de Witt College Dordrecht

‘How can he be so sharp and critical, but still so charming? I’m still smiling about it.’

– Edyta Czarniecka, NUFFIC Int’l Students Den Haag



‘Greg makes the little things stand out and lets you see them like you’ve never seen them before. And that’s what makes you laugh.’

– Dennis Drop, Sancta Maria Lyceum Haarlem


In 2004 – before there was a YouTube - 'Florida Voting Machine' reached 1 million views. By now Greg has his own channel. Subscribe!

Greg Shapiro Standup

United States of Europe & Vlogs

How to Be Orange LIVE show

Planet Netherlands

My High School Anniversary Theater Sex Scandal

My High School Anniversary Theater Sex Scandal
15 October, 2017

My high school theater teacher is in the news, accused of sexual abuse. Just in time for the 60th anniversary of the show he helped create: YAMO (Youth of America Marching On), the annual student-written show.
Evanston HS Theater Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse

I attended Evanston Township High School (ETHS) 1982-1986, during what could be called The Prime of Mr. (we’ll call him) C. My first YAMO was YAMO ’83 – the Cusack YAMO. And as much as John Cusack was a bit of a Jesus, Mr. C was God – an Old Testament God. He was wrathful. If your performance didn’t measure up to his standards, his judgment would be scathing – including public shaming. Up until that point, I had taken part in community theater productions, mostly with the mentality ‘hey gang, let’s put on a show.’ Suddenly, I felt like I’d been thrown off the deep end, into a culture where mediocrity would not be tolerated. In fact, it would be eviscerated.

Mr. C was monotheistic. The high school theater was His creation. He had few peers, largely because he did everything himself. Basic acting and scene work? Mr. C*. Stage design? Mr. C*. Stagecraft – literally sawing and hammering stage sets together? Mr. C*. Lighting and sound? Mr. C*. Directing? Mr. C*. And – since he’d started out as an English teacher – writing, specifically comedic writing: Mr. C*.

Full disclosure: I am totally biased. He totally played favorites, and I was totally one of his favorites. And he became one of mine. He taught me basic acting and scene work, and he gave me the confidence to believe I had something unique to contribute. He taught me empathy and how to see life through the eyes of a character totally different from me. He started us writing journals, and he mentored me through a difficult time. He saw that my friend Chris and I had spent a summer making our own movie, and he appointed us General Chairmen to run YAMO ’85. He granted us an unprecedented amount of autonomy, and he encouraged us to think ambitiously. We did. Our fully rotating stage – and our play within a play – nearly killed some of us, especially Chris with a broken leg. In retrospect, we could have done with a bit more mediocrity.

*Also, it turns out Mr.C was maybe a bit of a sexual predator.
I never experienced any sexual contact myself. But I knew of three male classmates who said they did. Since Mr.C and I remained friends after I graduated, I asked him about them, and he denied everything. We didn’t have much contact after that. I later learned the third classmate who said he’d been touched was still upset and angry. But this was long after Mr.C had retired. I wish we could just affix an asterisk, like Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame. But it’s more like Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein. People got hurt.

And now comes the YAMO 60th anniversary show – and the Harvey Weinstein scandal right before it. Jeffrey Lieber (YAMO ’86) decided it was time to finally speak out, on behalf of himself and every else who had been sexually assaulted by their teacher. Many former students began to come forward, which makes no difference when it’s only on Facebook. But now – finally – former students are calling the police. And it’s making the papers. 

Mr.C was quoted in one article saying it’s just a witch hunt like The Crucible. He even quotes the line ‘is the accuser so holy now?’ And now I realize there’s a danger – as we’ve seen in public cases before – that the accuser becomes the attacked. I was & remain a fan of Mr.C and his theatrical references. But as well as The Crucible, Mr.C taught us about An Enemy of the People. I hope Lieber is not being made the enemy for trying to do the right thing.
Personally, I am now encouraging everyone who received unwanted sexual contact to call the police, as Jeffrey recommends.


They have begun an investigation. Even if you fit into the category ‘Touched but not Traumatized,’ and you’re wondering ‘what would be the point?’ I suppose we owe it to those who still don’t feel safe coming forward.

Me, Too
NSFW Warning

For the record, I was molested when I was like five years old. It was the old guy in my friend’s basement. Since having that thing in my mouth, I’ve never been able to enjoy scallops. But other than that, I don’t think of myself as traumatized. And then there was the time I was felt up in my bed by the owner of a hotel where I was staying. Also I’ve had my ass grabbed at a club. That’s about it. Now here I am as a parent… I can only hope that – if something should / has happened to my kid/s – they would not feel like it’s unspeakable or shameful or more trouble than it’s worth to mention.

Also for the record, I’ve had other teachers who have assaulted me physically, like the professor who once backed me into a corner and put his tongue in my ear.
Also, there was a different teacher who stopped a dress rehearsal to walk onstage and publicly shame an actor who’d missed his cue by walking up onstage and yelling ‘ASSHOLE’ at the top of his lungs.
Also, there was a teacher who threw a cup of coffee at my head.
Also, there was the teacher who denied me access to his solo-performing class because I’d once interrupted his lecture to ask to pee. (His name: Dwight Conquergood. I remain more traumatized by this behavior than by other people. In fact, a lot of the solo performing I’ve done was to spite him.)
Also, I’ve heard of a professor who once started class by ranting ‘Cock! Cock! I need cock! I will not be denied! There will be no class today.’
Also, I’ve heard of a theater teacher who coached his students to imagine an object in the distance that would inspire awe, and he gave the example ‘a pussy. A big, hairy pussy – and it is angry.’
Also, I’ve had a legendary improv teacher who would snap rubber bands on his wrists to keep himself from wanting to shoot up heroin.

All these teachers – by the way – were also brilliant teachers. THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. Hopefully we can start a public dialogue about what is an acceptable balance of good / bad in a teacher… and what really is not. And hopefully we can find a way to hold onto the good.

As the media gets hold of this story, and the Court of Public Opinion weighs in, I’m sure Mr.C will be stripped of any credit for the good and the great things that he did. And we all lose. But for Mr.C, and his dark sense of humor, I’ll end on the joke about the tourists who meet a man in a small town and ask his name.
‘You see that house over there? I built that house. But do they call me Roger the House Builder? No. You see that church? I helped build that church. Do they call me Roger the Church Builder? No. Shag ONE sheep…’ And now he’s Roger the Sheep Shagger.

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How to Be Dutch: The Quiz.

Welcome to How to Be Dutch, the Quiz: the questions that SHOULD be on the Dutch citizenship exam, according to an American Netherlander, who’s been in the country for 20 years.

If you’re looking for an official guide to the Netherlands, this is not it. BUT if you’re looking for some odd Dutch quirks – in snarky quiz form – then this book is for you. 

The official Dutch assimilation course can be described as ‘a room full of non-Dutch people learning things about Dutch people that are unknown to most Dutch people.’

If you want to take the official Dutch exam, you can do it online. You can also see the results of many famous Dutch people who’ve taken the exam – and failed. So welcome to this self-made quiz. It can’t be any weirder than the real one.

Gregory Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. Celebrating 25 years in comedy. He has catalogued his clumsy assimilation into Dutch culture with Boom Chicago Comedy Theater, BNRfm and Comedy Central.

Praise for How to Be Orange: an Alternative Dutch Assimilation Course:

‘Difficult topics are tackled with facts, sharp insights and often hilarious, personal anecdotes. How to be Orange is not an official guide book to Dutch culture, yet … essential reading.’

‘Shapiro holds up a hilarious mirror to Dutch society that magnifies all the stereotypes and shows you how you can look past them to become a true Dutch citizen.’

‘Humorous columns, funny illustrations, hilarious photos and observations. Very nice book.’
Netherlands Library Council

Press Reviews Photos

mediarev_main‘Shapiro storms through the polder culture at 130km per hour. He lands his blows with precision, but all the while you can tell he’s proud to be Dutch.’

Het Parool

‘What’s impressive is that he’s lived in Europe long enough to be well-informed of local politics.’

De Volkskrant

‘Greg is full of confidence, charisma and English – peppered with Dutch. Ingredients are in perfect working order.’

Arnhem Direct



Greg_Shapiro_ 32greg-portraits-WEB-7

Nederland, Amsterdam, 16 februari 2017. Gregory Shapiro. Greg. Foto: Jorgen Caris


Gregory Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 50 million views. Celebrating 25 years in comedy. Shapiro is producer and host of the YouTube show ‘United States of Europe,’ giving EU leaders the respect they deserve – by ridiculing them on a regular basis. On his YouTube channel, he offers his video ‘How to Do a Trump Imitation, Even When You Have Large Hands.’

As author of How to Be Dutch: the Quiz, Shapiro is known for his ‘Dutch Culture Shock Therapy.’ As comedian with comedy theater Boom Chicago, Shapiro covers the latest news from the US – and he continues to perform there with the current events show ‘Angry White Men: Trump Up the Volume.’

Shapiro came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater Boom Chicago, after graduating from Northwestern University. In 2007 Shapiro presented ‘Comedy Central News’ and then went solo. He’s since worked with BNR fm, Time Out Amsterdam and BNN/VARA HumorTV. Shapiro also has 20 years experience in Corporate Speaking / Entertainment.

Shapiro is currently the producer, writer and host of ‘United States of Europe‘ for He is the host of the QuickestQuiz app. And he is the co-host of the Amsterdam Comedy Podcast. He tours with his 4th solo show ‘Part-Time Hypocrite.’  And his books How to Be Orange: an Alternative Assimilation Course and How to Be Dutch: the Quiz are available internationally.

Full CV on LinkedIn




For requests and other information, contact Greg’s management at:

GOED ID Producties
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+ 31 6 51152041
goedid [at]